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Mote Marine o futuro da aquacultura?

Esta empresa Americana afirma ter descargas perto do zero, acredito que se fosse implementado de maneira ecológica em todos os países por exemplo pelas pessoas que agora se dedicam á pesca profissional teríamos em poucos anos os stocks de peixe repostos, acredito também que o preço do peixe diminuiria o que ajudaria um pouco na distribuição a pessoas mais carenciadas e evitaria também os acidentes fatais que acontecem na pesca.

Todos sairíamos a ganhar e nós que levamos a pesca como um desporto voltaríamos a ter muitas e boas capturas.

Aquaculture done right is a remedy for the world's food supply problem. And just as undeniable is the importance of your support for one very progressive aquaculture program.

  • It’s important for wild species
  1. It’s estimated that 25 percent of seafood species worldwide are overfished.
  2. The world’s fisheries have reached their limits. Yet, the demand for seafood is increasing.
  3. The reality is that we need to find new ways to provide seafood, supplement wild fish stocks and support them so they can rebuild to sustainable levels.

  • It makes environmental sense
  1. The innovative methods being developed at Mote are designed to reduce the environmental impact of farming seafood. Mote’s systems use the same water over and over, getting the most out of this precious resource.

  • It makes economic sense
  1. Aquaculture in Florida is a $100-million a year industry. That’s an increase from just $30 million 10 years ago.
  2. Aquaculture already is a rapidly expanding industry here and the work being done by Mote will help the industry continue to grow using sustainable production techniques.
  3. The U.S. trade deficit in seafood imports is approximately $9 billion, second only to oil as a commodity trade deficit. It is time we helped American farmers grow our own seafood.

  • It’s important for a secure food supply
  1. The safety of seafood imported from other countries is a concern and only a fraction of a percent of that seafood is inspected upon entry to the U.S.
  2. Imported fish have been shown to contain contaminants.
  3. Mote’s recirculating water filtration technology is designed to be clean and environmentally friendly.

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